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The Meaning of the Magician Tarot Card

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We will continue on our very brief study with a look at the next card in the Major Arcana, the Magician. tarot-card-magician2

The Magician is numbered one in the deck. From a numerological standpoint, the number one is very powerful. It is a masculine and confident number. It is straight, a focused conduit for channeling energy. Number one is all about creating and producing. There is unlimited potential in the number one. It is perfectly straight and can go on forever, so where is the limit?  Number one carries the power to turn dreams and ideas into reality.

Upright Meaning

For me, when this card comes up, I get very excited. It usually means that I have the power and tools available to create the life that I want to create.

I think of the phrase "as above, so below". I feel like in my personal life, it means that macrocosms are a reflection of microcosms and vice versa. The way that God/Creator may have a vision of what he wanted to create and went forward with that vision, reflects how an artist has a vision and a goal and uses tools available to him or her to create their masterpiece. We all have this power. To imagine how life is like in the heavens, we can get an idea by looking at our own lives. This is just a small explanation of this idea, but it will give you a general idea of what is available to the Magician (and to you).  Powerful, creative energy!!!!!!!

To use this power in its utmost and to live up to your unlimited potential, creating and manifesting awesomeness, you must have pure concentration, will, focus and vision. You must believe that what you want is possible with every cell in your body. You must have faith and trust even if you cannot envision the physical manifestations of what you are creating at that moment in time.  Even when you think you can't, you are limiting yourself. You have the tools you need. Apply yourself and use your skills appropriately and you will be met with success.

 The infinity symbol shown traditionally in a lot of these cards reminds us that we have an infinite amount of energy available to us and that our thoughts (imagination) and words are very critical in the manifestation process.

I always use an amount of time in my day to do visualization exercises when this card comes up. Apply yourself when this card comes up. Concentrate and focus on that goal or desire you have more than anything.  Commit to your goal. Know what you want and go forth to make it happen. If you have the hunger and desire and belief, there is nothing that is going to stop you.

Reverse Meaning

When this card is reversed, it usually speaks of a block to manifesting or creating what you want to created.  There could be problems around not being focused, not planning, or not truly believing you can create what you desire or imagine with every bone in your body.

You are not using the power that you have available to you. There is a block to you living up to your full potential that you must examine.  Are you scared? Do you believe in yourself and your power without a shadow of a doubt?

The last, but certainly not least, bit of information I will provide is that maybe you have the power at your disposal. You own it, but you are using the power to create thru manipulation and maybe even black magic.

When you see the Magician, for you, let it be a reminder of your unlimited power and the tools available to you to create what you want. Concentrate and focus and you will get it done.