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Meaning of the Fool Tarot Card

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The fool is numbered 0 (zero) in the Tarot. Numerologically, the number zero is all about beginnings and endings. When you look at the number zero, you cannot tell where the shape begins and ends. It represents cycles that don’t end. Infinity. The never-ending. The cycles may take on a spiral shape, but nevertheless it is a cycle. Most decks place the Fool card in the beginning of the deck so it is most associated with the beginnings of these cycles of life. Some could also argue that it could also be placed at the end of the Major arcana. Personally, the Fool card usually resonates for me if I place it at the beginning of the deck. It is shaped like an egg. Eggs symbolize creation. Zero is the beginning from which things can be created or “began”. The void.

Briefly and on a very basic level, the traditional story of the fool’s journey begins with the fool taking off on an adventure. He is fresh and naïve. He is innocent and eager to start off. He is not worried about where he will go or how it will end up. He is just the fresh new start of what is possible.


Whenever the Fool card comes up in a reading that I am conducting, I think of fresh starts. Desire and passion drive motivation for something new. I think of a new and curious soul embarking on a new journey. The possibilities of a fresh start are endless and we have everything at our disposal and within us to shape the journey as we choose. Our spirit is yearning for a new adventure. There is a certain freedom that exudes from this card. Taking only what you can carry, you trust that the Universe has your back and will help you co-create the things that you need to succeed. I love to try new decks, so the symbolism is not always consistent, but I always picture the dog in the Rider Waite deck as an advisor. Someone that has your back and that you can listen to along the way. That advisor can be whoever you feel it is at the time of the reading.

I, of course, could go more in depth with this card being that it is a Major Arcana card, but my purpose is just to impart my basic interpretation of the card.


Although a fresh new beginning is always exciting, you do have to make sure that your head is not too far in the clouds. It is ok to look at life from a fresh perspective and be willing to start new cycles but a fools rush in mentality is not usually for a person’s highest good. There are always pros and cons to events in life and not considering the cons can be detrimental to your life’s journey.

There may also be blocks around starting afresh. Perhaps a fresh start or perspective is needed, but you lack the vision or know how to expand in an appropriate manner. This is a limiting behavior that can prevent you from experiencing life and all that it has to offer. Refusing to grow, change, or try something new can lead to and be the cause of complacency, settling in life, or worse apathy.

If there is a trusted advisor in your life that is giving prudent advice and you refuse to listen, this card could show up. Perhaps right now is not the right time to start a new thing. Maybe a new experience will be more of a burden or a bad decision. Maybe you are being careless.

All in all, the Fool is excited, trusting, and passionate. The journey about to be embarked upon will be fresh and exciting.

Fool card pictured is from the Tarot of Dreams By Ciro