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Energy Healing Services

"The Laser" Energy Healing

Crunched for time? Clear out old energy patterns, align your chakras, destress, or target pain. This treatment includes energetic clearing, healing, and grounding. This is a brief treatment meant to target focused areas.

30 minutes- $70

"The Enlightener" Energy Healing

Clear out pain, stress, old energy patterns, false belief systems, and limitations that are blocking your energy. This treatment starts with an intuitive reading, followed by an energetic clearing, healing, and grounding session that incorporates crystal therapy. You will leave balanced, armed with divine insight, and be given action steps to assist you in overcoming any issues uncovered.

60 minutes- $130

Intuitive Readings/Tarot Readings

"The Quick Fix" Reading

You need answers and you need them quick? Curious about what a reading entails or how it works? Tight on cash but still need my help? This reading is brief but packed with information to help you gain insight. It is a valuable reading that also promises you an action step to assist you in turning things around and/or moving forward in your life.

10 minutes- $25

"The Deep Dive" Reading

The Deep Dive is a powerful reading that will help you gain insight, clarity, healing, and peace related to life issues, blocks, or uncertainties. Thru accessing divine guidance, I assist you in pinpointing negative patterns as well as highlighting limiting belief systems and issues holding you back from achieving your joy and peace.

30 minutes- $70

Reading & Reiki Combo

"The One Two" Combo Session

Start with a Deep Dive reading (see above) to gain insight into ANY situation. Then, restore the equilibrium of your body and mind with an energy healing session. This specialized treatment brings balance by clearing up stagnant ares in your energy field through energy and crystal healing.

60 minutes- $130


Package Deals are also available for a reduced cost

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$10 Non-Refundable Deposit Charged for all appointments. Deposit Will be applied to total balance of service if not paid in full at time of purchase

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