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Weekly Horoscope for August 26- September 1, 2019

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Whew. It has been a long time since I have last spoken to you. Most of you know where I’ve been but for those of you that don’t know… my uncle was sick and then passed. I took some time off for that, but I am happy to be back just in time to talk to you about the weekly horoscope and the special new moon happening on August 30.

The week starts off very interestingly because I feel like there may be some tension or something that may trigger something you are trying to heal or your sense of identity. I see this trigger as something that is trying to get you to break free from a comfort zone or some other deep seated pattern so that you can try something new that would be helpful to you. 

Since Virgo is so prominent in all these opportunities, you may find you are able to open up or be honest about something that leads to an unexpected opportunity for you. The way that I see it is that if you can act bravely and bold and put yourself out there, you seem to have some very favorable energy surrounding you that will help you out quite nicely. Where this can be particularly beneficial for you is by putting yourself out there and socializing, it can be great in your relationships, or you may notice something of financial abundance. It’s really weird because I see this being most beneficial during the daytime hours (depending on where you live) because it seems like in the afternoon, a flip is switched where you may feel quite the opposite energy and may need to keep it low key, particularly on Monday night.

While you know you need to grow, expand, and learn new things, you may have to fight your urge to stay with the tried and true. It’s like you know there are positive things that you can have but you have to dig deep inside to find the momentum to keep pushing forward towards what you know is good for you. My best advice for you is that even if you feel like you are losing your hope and optimism, you must almost force yourself to stick with something that will lead to your truest desires. If you can stick with it even when you don’t feel like it, you may be pleased at the breakthru that you may be able to experience early in the week.

I want to warn you that there is lots of passionate energy this week that is there to help drive you towards your urges, but you must take care to direct that passion and energy in a positive direction for fear that it quickly turns into anger or frustration and causes you to act out of character. You can sometimes feel like you know the answer but by acting prematurely on mistaken “instincts” your impulses can get you into hot water. Channel all this passion and desire into the things that you want to manifest or your creative power. If you need some tips on how to do so, catch the latest episode of my podcast.

Since we are moving into New Moon energy, midweek is a great time to wrap up some projects, examine if you are on track with the direction that you want to move in, and start thinking about what it is you need to do, who you need to become, and what you want to call in for the next moon cycle. I wouldn’t start anything new, I would concentrate on tying up loose ends so you can move forward lighter and more free and make way for new things to come into your life. I think there are many times that you will feel inspired this week so having a notebook with you at all times will be very beneficial this week.

Right before the weekend, Mercury and the Moon will be moving into Virgo. Virgo will help give you that bit of practicality that you need to understand what you need to more deeply understand more about yourself as an individual and what power you need to tap into in order to create major change and transformation in your life. This can feel scary but will be super beneficial for you. Anything you need to detox or release, let it go! There is so much possibility for change this week. I am so excited!

This is all inching you towards the New Moon in Virgo on August 30th… the second New Moon of the month. Instinctually, you may feel like there are changes that you need to make even if you cannot find a logical reason for the changes. Trust and go with them once you feel aligned in your heart and your head. I have developed a wonderful FREE course to help you learn how to trust your inner self and connect with positive energy that allows you to live life as the best version of yourself. If this is something that you think would help you trust and strengthen your faith, I would love for you to take this course.

This moon is connected to some powerful energy of surprise so it is hard to tell exactly how it will impact your life. All I can say is trust what is unfolding because it will be the driver for bringing you into alignment with your purpose. So much is lining up to help you align with pure love, the work that you do, better daily routines, better health, and more. You will be given the opportunity to tap into something very powerful and if you are willing-- you will see that you will be able to create something solid for yourself. You will have to work hard to stay positive and not be so hypercritical about things. If you are prone to anxiety you must not let that take you away from that which you really want in life. I cannot stress this enough, luck is on your side but you have to help out and make a daily routine and schedule that matches the life you want for yourself and helps you become the person you want to become. It must be the best version of yourself.

I think the universe will help you by showing you these unexpected surprises which let you know you are on the right path and then in turn, you are able to dig in deep for more hard work and patience. You are able to see that your hard work will be worth in and you will be able to continue to do what you need to do to continue to reap rewards. 

The energy may seem serious and practical but this is what helps you ground your desires and your thoughts into real tangible wins that you can cross off of your goals. 

This week you must be open to all opportunities that open up for you and be willing to examine any areas of tension in your life and deal with them head on so that you can capitalize on the true power of this week. If you have been doing the work towards becoming your best self, this week will seem so positive for you. If you haven’t, you will have many things come up that will open your eyes to what you need to deal with but because I see so many unexpected lucky opportunities, you don’t need to be hard on yourself if you haven’t because there is still ample time to turn things around.

You have been missing so many things going on in the Facebook group, Yashica’s Intuition Consciousness Collective I will be posting a masterclass in the group shortly teaching about How To Speak Up For Yourself. It is an exclusive to the Facebook Group. If you don’t want to miss out on the free classes and more, join us over there.

Until next time,


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Weekly Horoscope for July 29-August 4, 2019

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I know that I’ve been telling you to hang in there and to embrace change. I know that I have been telling you to trust the process and that things will be for your highest and best good. I know that doesn’t take away the confusion or the stress that you are experiencing trying to be open to a change that you feel like you have no control over….. notice I said feel…particularly if the eclipses jumpstarted some things that have thrown you for a loop.

I think this week marks the beginning of things starting to unfold in a way that makes more sense. Pay attention to the fact that I said the BEGINNING. There are still things that need that need to unfold. I am still feeling like it will take the rest of this year to really feel more stable and I still feel like next year is a pivotal action year.

If you are new to me, you may want to see what my thoughts were about this year. You can try to hold on tight to things and control things, but the more you let go, the faster the process will go. Your job is to work on embodying who you want to be as it will be the catalyst for you to really live the life you want. Not try to control others or to try to dig your fingernails into something that you feel slipping away from you.

Do you really believe things happen for a reason? Do you really believe that what you see slipping away is the best thing that you ever had? Think about those things and your reaction to life when it is slow or not in alignment with your hopes or you feel scared…… is it really in your best interest to be so? To live life scared?

While you think about those things, let’s get on with the horoscope for the week and let it be your guide, as always, for you to help live a more empowered life. I give you this information, not so that you can read it for fun and pleasure. It is a way for you to notice the energies that are coming up so that you can stop self-sabotaging your success and start to live a life that is less stressful, less anxiety ridden, and more in alignment with the life that you truly want to live.

Now onto the horoscope

Some of the same old tensions about your self worth, old patterns coming up to trigger growth in you, and perhaps familial drama are not going away. So again, my promise is not that you will magically see the sea part and you have this suddenly better. What I will say is I see this as the beginning of a shift. You have the opportunity to approach these areas in new and different ways. To get out of your comfort zone. Calculated risks are what will help you create opportunity in your life. Staying stuck and not willing to change are going to close the door on some opportunities for you to step into your purpose.

What I see that I may not have mentioned for while, even though it was always in the background is also you knowing that you have what you need to create a secure foundation for yourself. You have to believe that you have a unique place in this world. You have to also realize that while it may feel like life is changing to the point of being unrecognizable, it sounds weird to say that you have to be a little self centered here…. in a healthy way…. what are you going to need in order to evolve and grow so that you can be better in your own life, in your relationships, in your career? Stop projecting your problems on what you see outside of you. They are only a lagging measure of what is going on internally. I love this saying on the wall at Orange Theory…. “Change comes from the inside.”

There are so many things that are being highlighted and called into question and these aren’t surface things. These are important and deep things. There are so many blessings right now that are leading you towards growth and change but it can feel like a pendulum is swinging wildly before you are finally able to feel balance.

There is a new moon in Leo this week that is a wonderful time for you to do all these things I have mentioned even if you may have been scared. It is a powerful moon to be brave and step into your power to help manifest the things that you want to create. You are being called to really examine how your ego gets in the way and see how you can shift the self sabotage you allow in your life… thru crappy relationships, limiting fears, anxieties, lies you tell yourself to help you play small….. and step into your power and your truth.

With Mercury also turning direct, it is a signal that you can wrap your mind around becoming this new version of who you always were inside. You get to put your ideas out there and really believe that you have the power to create whatever you want in life. To feel more free and fun about the things that sing to your heart and admit to yourself where you want those things and be brave enough to recognize where you don’t have them and stand up for yourself and invest in yourself and your ability to stop settling and grasp the opportunity to have what you truly deserve.

Whether you know it or now, the choices you make now, are a signal to universe related to the things you want to have a long lasting impact on your life. There is so much energy here to support you so while you may feel a tug of war inside or feel disconnected from the divine or your inner guidance system, it’s all still available to you but this is a time where your mind will start to help you slowly but surely. You will still be trying to use discernment to understand next steps and get your heart and your head on the same page. It will not be easy. You can choose to stand in your power or you can choose to let all this trigger you and cause disruptions in your life that are overreactive and mentally and socially damaging.

Stepping into the weekend, I see productive times to plan, adjust, work on things that matter to you, and take some time to withdraw to think about your next steps. You an organize your life, your home, your thoughts, and start trying to make sense of some of the things that you have been going thru. What has to be refined and purified so that your life has more meaning and purpose and structure?The the family and the foundations that will support you? The mature mindset so that you can keep your momentum going forward? This is a perfect time to recognize where you may have been trying to get things done on your own and have met blocks where working with a guru can help you.

I can see that for some of you, what you may see is that you may be taking 2 steps forward and 2 steps back like that swinging pendulum and what I can see is some opportunity to pair up with someone that can help you make stepping into the energy that I see, easier for you. I don’t think you will see that until the end of the week. Maybe after grappling with things yourself and meeting roadblocks, you notice that there is some help available thru some partnership that may even be unexpected or uncharacteristic of you but it is beneficial so if this is something that you have been going thru, stop trying to do things alone. Especially if if’s getting you nowhere. Choose you.

I feel very strongly about helping you if you are self sabotaging and want to finally leave the past in the past and finally live a life of success. One that you know that you can have but for some reason, you feel stuck. Remember that I offer one off coaching sessions if you need a little help as a one time strategy session. I also have some open seats and have availability to accept new clients for 3 month 1:1 packages. If you want some help to push you forward on your path of growth and change. I’ll leave the links below.

Until next time


The Key to Happiness

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No one or Nothing is responsible for your happiness!

I am going to say it again! 


Even as I type this today, from a space where I truly believe and embrace that statement, I still can’t help but think that it sounds a little harsh. It is not the way we were taught right? I grew up looking for happiness outside of myself. I looked for it from my first husband...yes he is now an ex, from my parents, and from my career. Not once did I look inside of myself and for that I suffered for many years.

Happiness, to me now, is satisfaction and contentment with life. I don’t think life has to be always good or positive to be happy. That’s subjective anyway, right?  Life is not always rainbows and ice cream cones. There are some real challenges and conflicts that you will go through. It is not because the universe is purposely trying to make you “unhappy”, it is because friction and pressure are the very things that cause some of the most beautiful things to materialize. Think about diamonds and pearls…. not the Prince song… but for real, there are some beautiful things that result from a not so beautiful process and I don’t think that’s by accident.

To have happiness in your life is to accept what is right now. Not what happened in the past, not what might happen in the future, but what is unfolding right now before your eyes. And to come to a space of true acceptance and contentment such as this... that happiness is created in you. It is created through your perspective and your chosen interpretation and subsequent actions related to the environment in which you are experiencing. 


You were given all that you need when you were born to tap into happiness--you. If you find that you don’t have it, you must look at yourself. I know that sounds easy to say, but it is as simple as being content with who you are for better or worse AS A WHOLE not regarding a temporary circumstance that you may be going through. Anything other than that is giving your power away. 

Your job is not responsible for fulfilling you, your lover is not, your children aren’t either, nor are your parents. The circumstances upon which you live in and the people you surround yourself with are free to be who and what they are in that moment…. unless you have a magic wand… otherwise, it is up to you if you choose to give your power away and react to these instances and allow them to impact the BEING of who you are negatively AS A WHOLE.

So, this is not to be dismissive of your feelings, or say that happiness is always being positive with a smile on your face no matter what, it is showing you that everyone experiences ups and downs but the impact that these have on you and your happiness, with full awareness that you are not immune to these things, is up to you.

What are you going to choose?


PS- Join us over on the Facebook group! This Month our Live class will be on Personal Boundaries plus I go weekly with other juicy information.

Weekly Horoscope for July 22-28, 2019

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Even though I was gone on vacation, a lot has been going on that you may have missed. You missed an awesome two day workshop where I taught other men and women how to tap into their intuition and protect their energy from negativity. I dropped gems that explained the psychological, spiritual, and biochemical links with intuition and empathy. Last week, there was a whole free oracle card reading class on my Facebook page. Also, inside of my Facebook group, I went live to teach them what true healthy empathy looks like and to teach them how to be compassionate towards the people they care about without picking up their energy.

So now, here we are, back in the swing of things…. Let’s check out what the week brings.

You start out the week with a little bleed over from the weekend plus the Sun enters Leo….. hey Leo season. The positive leftover energy is from a trine that opens up an opportunity for you to connect a few things. You may have a truth revealed, a deep truth about your soul’s purpose, calling, or desire and find that it helps you feel more centered and secure in your own skin. Another way that this may play out is by allowing you to relax and be less serious about life and have some fun, maybe with family or people that you care deeply about.

Some of those karmic ties that the full moon eclipse was helping you deal with have been starting to come to light so that you can deal with them and release them. Any help with addictions and unhealthy behaviors have an opportunity to be dealt with head on. All of these sound amazing to me.

You may feel a big shift between the start of the day on Monday vs the end of the day. What seemed like a more deep or collective focus, turns into a self directed focus and you may be thinking about what you can do, how you can act, to actualize all of the things that have been coming up over the past week or so. Here is the thing though… I want to tell you about some potential blocks so that you don’t run into any frustrations.

First of all, if you haven’t read my Mars in Leo article, read it. With some Aries energy going on during the week, because you are intentionally or unintentionally self motivated, that less beneficial aspects of that energy could be heightened but also, the positive traits of that energy can be heightened. You may feel very motivated and optimistic about the things that you want or desire for yourself.

The issue is that there may be perceived blocks and frustrations or else tension. You can’t just compulsively try to drive forward on sheer energy, force, determination, and hustle. Especially when retrograde season is forcing you to slow down and do the deep work to build something lasting. You may feel like things are trying to dull your fire because your patience can be really thin during transits like these but pushing more is not going to work. Where are you trying to do something and skip steps or not have a full plan put into place? Why must you refuse to make the changes that you know you need to make? You know what you need to know to move forward and be unstuck, but for some reason you won’t do it, yet you whine about why you feel stuck and not moving forward…. stop it.

If you are doing what you need to do, you may just find it frustrating that you have to slow down and not do things as fast as you would like or you may find that you don’t see eye to eye with authority and parental issues may be triggered. On a global level, as I stated weeks ago, tensions could be high there as well. Situations in which you previously found comforting can seem uncomfortable in this energy.

Where are you holding on tight to something that needs to change? Like a comfort zone? You may be stuck or are being stubborn in some way when you need to let go, be free, and shine your light. Loosen up a little. Have fun. Own your own and beautiful self in this world. Check your self worth and self esteem and shine your light. You have a unique beauty to share with the world.

If you feel like you are already shining your light, but still experiencing tension, you may need to look at how your ego may be compensating for any issues with your personal security and value and check those.

I sound like a tape recorder but you are at a time where you should still be journaling and checking in with your intuition above all else. You will have so many things coming in that can help you align with your life purpose and what is best for you but you have to be open to the fact that the help may not come in the way that you expect that it should. You also need to be open to the truth. Not a fantasy, not an illusion, the truth.

The truth in many different forms is going to be that thing that is going to set you free.

There are many opportunities that you can create for yourself this week to connect on a deeper, more honest, and possibly romantic level with someone that you feel closely linked to. The connection to your creativity and the divine is very high this week. There are also many opportunities, midweek, and beyond, to really work on any projects or things that you want to manifest. You will have outstanding support for this.

This is a powerful time for useful ideas and other information that will advance your desires or your self growth in some way but you need to be doing the work. Don’t ask me what that means. If you have to ask, you aren’t doing it. Are you showing up every damn day and doing everything in your power to create a better life for yourself inside and out? If you aren’t then that’s your answer. This is something I help my coaching clients figure out, so if you are stuck, I have availability. Check this link for more information.

To wrap up the week, you are just trying to gain some sense of balance to get ready for next week. How can you gain new insights and balance growth without things feeling so heavy and serious and missing out on fun? As the truth is revealed to you, what does that mean for you going forward? You know you need to change but WHAT do you need to do and learn to make that change?

As you search for these answers they may make you feel even more confused and overwhelmed but if you surrender to the process, you will find that in due time, it will all make sense. Learning how to recognize patterns, clues, and intuitive hits are the things that are going to help you call in more alignment and opportunities in your life. Learn how to do those things and you will have gained some invaluable tools to help you leave the past in the past and start moving forward.

If you want to get in on the juicy gems that I teach to help you with these things, you should join me over on Facebook in Yashica’s Intuition Consciousness Collective. It is a growing and engaged group that started in June and is growing by the day. I love to share insight and truth in there and they sometimes get exclusive access to things early.

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As you read this very fitting article for the week, I will be taking an impromptu vacation to foster some human connection so you will not get a horoscope this week. I also want to prepare for all of you lovely folks that signed up for the Intuition 101 two day workshop. You still have time to sign up here! Class starts Tuesday. I will be active on social media because we do have a powerful eclipse coming up, but after you read this article, you will understand more.

I was named Writer of the Week last week (thanks everyone for your support) on thespiritualdaily.com for the article that I wrote on Mars in Leo... check your email if you missed it, and this week I am giving you another sneak peek at this week's article. Make sure to head over there and check out the other writers for a dose of spiritual inspiration.

Heres the sneak peek article:

We all are probably familiar with the famous quote by Pierre Teilhade de Chardin, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” I tend to be someone that always teaches that in an age of digital connections and social media “friendships”, while I don’t discredit those relationships… I would love for you to consider the meaning of that quote and think about the importance of the human experience.

This quote highlights the fact that as you live your day to day life, it can become easy for you to prioritize your thoughts, emotions, and other non-tangible aspects of your life and allow those factors to solely define you and what you experience. Yes, these abstract components are part of the human experience, but there is another part of you that can be easy to lose touch with in this information age and in fact, I believe, may be undervalued as well.

This is the power of the human experience through human connection and to drill down even deeper, the connection, not via the internal mental processes and feelings as I have already stated as being important, but also through physical connection. I believe that we are souls that decided that we wanted to know what life literally feels like, because to touch another person and experience that through hormones and nerves and veins, and smells…. that right there…… that can be powerful and therefore one of the reasons your soul is here on this Earth, in your body. 

Without your body, your soul would still have feelings and thoughts, but with your body, you become so much more powerful because not only are you able to physically experience the world with your senses, but you are then able to experience the world through the physical connection that comes with having a human connection with another being that is also just as powerful as you are. 

This human connection is impressive, no matter how much society would like to minimize it or replicate it with artificial intelligence. The physical act of human connection has the power to impact your life in positive ways that are beneficial physically, such as through the release of feel good hormones that help you ward off cardiovascular disease and other biological illnesses, as well as mentally, by minimizing feelings of loneliness. Just think about those cuddle meet-up groups. It seems like such a bizarre thing to have to integrate into our society, but when you consider how detrimental the lack of human connection can be to your livelihood coupled with the decrease in human interaction and contact from a physical standpoint, it all makes sense.

I have mentioned several times how I believe that in certain ways, as a whole, we are TRYING to move away from human connection on a physical level (otherwise, humans are more connected than they ever have been in the history of the world). The beauty is, though, that our souls won’t let it happen. Remember that...sometimes, life for you will get busy and you will get wrapped up in your feelings, thoughts, or social media, but your soul knows why it is here and will always remind you in someway that one of your purposes here on this earth is to embrace your human experience. 

This beautiful experience is integral to you and benefits you when you remember to put emphasis on your physical connection with other humans. When you are lonely, tired, or not feeling like yourself, remember this lesson and do your best to try to integrate activities into your life to force you to connect with others with all of who you are. Not just the body. Not just the mind. Not just the internal feelings. All of you. You may find that it may be the quickest way to allow you to feel grounded, secure, and obtain and maintain your sense of belonging in a world that may feel increasingly disconnected. Never get to busy or disconnected to experience one of the most beautiful reasons why you are here on this Earth. To experience yourself and others.

Yashica is the founder and CEO of Yashica’s Intuition whose mission is to connect individuals that are motivated, self- starters but find that after doing work on outer achievements and developments, they find that they are missing a spiritual component in life and want to learn how to integrate spiritual principles to live a more fulfilling life. You can learn more at www.yashicasintuition.com

Mars in Leo- Watch the Ego

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There is a very powerful transit going on right now astrologically. Mars is transiting through the sign of Leo and will be there for about six weeks --til mid-August 2019. Mars is said to be a “masculine” planet that represents the outward expression of passion, power, desire, and creative, forceful intensity. Where it falls in the daily planetary chart and in your personal chart can be a clue as to where this almost animalistic drive will be expressed.

In astrology, Leo is fiery and sexy. Leo is passionate, bold, proud, regal, and brave on its best day. Leo is a self-oriented, egotistical astrological sign that loves to be the center of attention...to be a star on the stage. Leo plays well with Mars and magnifies the propensity that we will feel towards self promotion, putting passionate and focused energy towards our desires, and applying an unshakeable determination towards the things that matter most to us in our heart and soul no matter what.

But…..there is one caveat that I want you to be aware of. In life, there are seemingly positive and negative expressions of energy and this beautiful Mars in Leo energy is no different. This transit exudes ego for better or worse. While I have pointed out the lovely things that come along with having a healthy ego...an increased level of self-esteem,self-worth, and an opportunity to explore life from your own point of view and develop your own sense of identity in this crowded world, there are also negative traits that are associated with the ego that this transit can trigger.

You can find yourself, or the collective, becoming more arrogant, overbearing, and power hungry. It can create conflicts and wars. It can be an energy that is self-directed and so impatient that it forgets about the highest and best good of all and once this egoic energy gets going in a set upon direction, it can seem almost impossible to reign in.

So, as you see, your ego, the very thing that Mars in Leo triggers,  can be the driving force for some very beneficial things in your life regarding your self-esteem and self-awareness and should not be something that you should think is “bad” or something to fear but it is something that you should keep an eye on. It is one of the reasons that you came into this material world-- to experience life from your unique perspective and to bring your own light into this world. 

At the same time, however, you must remember that life is about balance and considering the collective. Ego protects you and preserves that bit of light that makes you who you are in this world and is nothing that you think that you need to get rid of. It is something to be embraced as you learn who you are as an individual and how you were meant to pour your passions and your creativity, and the things that you do best, into society for the highest benefit of all involved.

Think about how powerful this can be for the next six weeks. If you can align yourself with this potent boost that the universe is providing you, think about the things you are passionate about, your creative and divinely inspired projects, the things in your life that make you feel alive, and more. It can be a time to have fun, make love, focus on fertility and more. You can finally stop hiding in the spotlight and step into your true calling and your true power and be the leader in your life in some area. You are being called to step into your purpose and shine your own unique in this life. How awesome is that?

PS The biggest announcement…. there are still slots for my 2 day intuition class that will teach you how to protect your energy from negative people or environments. This is perfect for you if you feel stuck in a rut but feel like you are unable to hear your inner voice to know what to do next, this class is perfect for you. It is important to know who you are in this world and know how you can cut the cords of negative energy and protect yourself from drama that is not yours so that you can know yourself and maintain yourself. I would love to see you in class.

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Weekly Horoscope for July 8-14, 2019

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I hope you all enjoyed the energy of last week with all the powerful transits we had going on. I heard that while you may have felt drained or tired, that it felt surprisingly good for the most part. I tried to go live about the eclipse but social media had a diva moment. I decided rather than fight it, it would be best to just chill and not try to force the issue too much. After all the cosmic drama of last week (and weird weather that I warned you about already that would be around for 7yrs), let’s settle in and see how this week will be shall we….

You step into the week on Monday with some of that friction from last week still encouraging you to grow and stretch and break free from something that has been holding you back from a new future. You will still feel compelled to keep moving forward, and as I said before, even though this type of growth may not be easy, it will be supported so it won’t be as hard as it normally would if the universe wasn’t there to help meet you.

Some of these opportunities that you have supporting you are linked to you pouring your energy into something you care passionately about and it could be a project or a relationship. If you want to step up and take the lead in improving any of these areas, I think you will find some positive results of your actions. Bringing beauty, harmony, and balance into some area of your life are very positive possibilities now but this means that you are showing up in your life as a leader and not all up in your ego or refusing to brush past superficial layers to get to the real meat of things.

You may be feeling more social than usual when it comes to talking about the things that you are going thru or in your interactions with people that you think feel more like family. What seems like something that could be a little disrupting, due to the propensity for triggers, can actually create energy to bring something closer together.

The energy may feel a bit more positive than it has felt in a while. That bold Leo energy could be partly responsible for that. You still have that ever present energy that wants you to grow, stretch, and expand and leave something behind. There is a middle ground in all this. In relationships, this could look like you doing what you need to do to heal but at the same time trying to keep the peace… but at what costs? Some relationships are going to need some disruption, whether internal or external, if you want to see true and great potential materialize. You know what you want your inner and outer environment to look like and as some truths continue to be revealed to get you closer to your life path and purpose you can then take the steps that you need to take to get closer to a more positive alignment.

This is not a time to get all sad because stuff is serious or because you realize you still have some work to do. This is a time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Also, don’t try to bring others down or trigger them just because you are in your feels. Be mature in how you handle yourself during this time. These changes are changes that you need to make for yourself in your relationships with others and for your own betterment and if you find information that doesn’t sit well with what you want your life to look like in the future, you need to be brave enough to let it go.

Towards the middle of the week, Scorpio energy comes in further drawing our attention to things. Any manipulation, trust issues, or power struggles will be highlighted. You also will be fixed on what you want in life and hell bent on getting it so be aware. You could be feeling moody or pushy but this is something you really want to try and work out inside. I believe that even if you get triggered so much that you know what has to happen, sit with it until you have worked thru it. What you should not do is use your revelations to try to change someone and make them what something they aren’t just because you aren’t brave enough to do what’s right for you.

If you are in a secure place in life then you still may be feeling a little off internally, but you will find that you can easily process these emotions and you can find yourself growing closer to someone you intimately care about thru this process. It is also a good time to step back from life and do something fun and sexy for yourself like taking a nice bath or something self care related that makes you feel good.

Another good pocket of luck that I see around midweek is linked to the fact that you may be finally realizing the things that you want to change or need to change and manifest and have the power and the energy and the drive to actually do what you need to do. You also have the patience. As I keep stating, combining all these opportunities to elevate your life doesn’t necessarily feel good because it is all about pushing past limiting things in your life but you have so much support in doing so, so trust the process. This can feel like breaking free, reclaiming your freedom, picking a new direction in life, and doing it boldly and positively.

While I like how the energy picks up, the energy closer to Friday is great. You have these harmonious and supportive energies around yourself, love, creation and moving towards something optimistic and expansive. It may require you to take safe ,calculated risks, but it’s a cool day.

As we round out the week, take some time to get out and about if you can. Maybe visit somewhere familiar, your favorite restaurant, or hang out with family. Don’t overdo it but do let loose a little and enjoy some of the things that make you happy. If you have projects around the home to settle up, not new ones, this is a good time to do so.

You will feel a little more like finding moments for yourself around Sunday as I see the energy lean more towards family issues or being at home in your comfort zone. I see masculine/feminine issues which could play out in a multitude of ways in your life including something as simple as finding some rest instead of going, doing, and forcing all the time. Go ahead and plan for the upcoming week and get some chores done closer to the home you need to get done, but rest and get ready for the Full Moon Lunar ellipse that will soon be here.

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