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Weekly Horoscope for May 20-26, 2019

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Coming off the craziness of last week, this week seems a little more quiet.

Your dreams and subconscious is still popping so you will continue to need your notebook to record all that juicy, divine inspiration that will continue to pour in. I want you to write stuff down even if you don’t understand what it means now. You soon will.

The week opens up so awesomely! Anything that you want to grow into something positive or lucky, FOCUS ON THAT! This is a rare moment where you may be feeling good and positive.The energy of Sagittarius will influence you and infuse you with some positive energy to channel into the things that you want to prosper. Because spiritual and emotional growth are part of that expansion, you may notice the positivity in that area of your life.

The Sun and Mercury both enter Gemini and the Moon enters Capricorn near the beginning of the week. This can ramp up some things related to thinking and communication. There may also be a spotlight on your hood or people close to you that you would say are like family to you. I think this will align you with new insights and understanding. Your mood, emotions, and soul will continue to be sensitive (I think it’s cause of Mars and will last a while) and not feeling very comfortable for you. I would suggest you break free for a bit if you need to. Walk away. Put some space between you and others.

I see parental power struggles as well as mommy or daddy issues rearing their ugly head and causing triggers. There may be a tendency to act out of character and it could be good if you are doing something new, unusual, and exciting that is beneficial to your growth. Not so much if you are popping off and causing conflict. Seek out a place where you feel safe and where you feel free to be yourself and have fun in that place. You will also feel good spending most evenings in the comfort of your home or with the people that you love.

This energy of freedom and risk taking or following your instinct can continue to be beneficial for you moving into Wednesday. You can focus on security and building your legacy as long as you aren’t afraid to take calculated risks. Your passion projects can manifest behind the power of the full moon or they can have some positive payoffs for you. This wave of energy that comes in on Wednesday is a positive energy to focus on your wants and desires and make shit happen.

Thinking and conversation could turn back to the self and what you can learn for your own personal benefit to heal as Thursday rolls around. You may even be called to share yourself with others so that they can heal. Intellectual pursuits are heightened and sharing intellect with others is very positive. Some of those lingering uncomfortable energies that I spoke of can come back up and trigger you. While this seems negative because you may not be thinking or acting like yourself, it could have you do the unexpected to feel better. I feel like one way this benefits you is because you may finally seek out a place outside of your close circle of family or get out of your comfort zone and find a different and more comfortable place where you will feel more supported and stimulated than always doing the same old same old.

Friday is also a good day because you can use your desire and apply it to your hopes and desires. This is another gift given to you to get shit done and if you choose not to, I bet you will feel down on your self for not doing so.

Saturday builds on that luck and I feel like since time is fluid, from Friday thru the weekend is a time where you may end up in the right place at the right time. Use these days for growth, learning, and evolving. Use it to connect with your tribe. Use it to vision, on a grand level, about the things you need and want. It’s not too late to think about your goals, your dreams, and take action. If you feel stuck, here is your chance to realign.

Unexpected information could benefit you so make sure you are doing research or investigating the things you care about or that align with your dreams or prosperity. You will have to seek out this unexpected information, it won’t fall into your lap if you choose to be a bump on a log. It could come thru prayer, meditation, or literal research. You may feel a little scattered so keep the weekend fairly loose. You may find it impossible to be seriously rational when you are going back and forth in your feels so use this time as a time of curiosity and exploration that can benefit you regarding your personal growth and journey or just feed your need for intellectual stimulation. You can bond and reconnect with others in the evening. It is very positive energy!

I hope you use this message for your highest and best good!

Until Next Time,


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Are You Showing Up In Your Life?

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You are meant to have a better life for yourself. There are many reasons why you may not have the life that you want but I am a big believer that one of the number one reasons you may not have it is because you are unwilling to believe in your power and have the confidence in your ability to actually be able to create the life you want. I have told you before, that is the first step. The decision to choose yourself is powerful and it is the biggest step that you need to take in order to have life begin to work in your favor.

I am a big believer that one of the number one reasons why you may not have what is truly meant for you is because you are unwilling to believe in your power.
— Yashica

At about 3 in the morning, I got a message that I just had to get up and share with you. Allergies are kicking my ass, so excuse my voice..

Coming off the tails of my masterclass announcement, this is your chance to have something better for your life…. to choose you…. but I know how easy it is to make excuses for yourself and choose the story and the life you are currently in rather than invest in yourself and learn better to have better.

I hope this podcast helps you see how powerful this opportunity is for you or at least help you see where you could be. I also have prepared a powerful activity for you to help you see how powerful your life could really be.

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The Opportunity to Transform your Life Awaits!!!!! You asked & I delivered

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Feeling Lonely, stuck, scared, fearful, lacking confidence.... the list goes on....

I heard you and it broke my heart because I knew that I could help you. I had a method that I had tested with some of YOU and perfected to help coach hundreds of men and women privately, but I couldn't think of a way to help you all that needed me.

So I came up with an Free Ebooklet that you could get on my website at www.yashicasintuition.com/healingdownload

This started it all.... but the questions from you started pouring in wanting more. So then, I came up with a video series to walk you thru it all

How to Heal your Life Intro Video #1- https://www.yashicasintuition.com/blog/2019/5/6/how-to-heal-your-life-the-6-areas-you-must-focus-on-to-live-a-better-life-part-1

Then I decided to go in on the #1 thing that screws with our minds and our hearts.... our relationships

How to Heal you Life Video #2 Relationships-


I planned on this live being video #3 and ending it here,but I was inspired to just talk to you so I recorded a podcast about the #1 thing that may be holding you back in life here....

Exclusive Podcast- https://www.yashicasintuition.com/blog/2019/5/13/how-to-get-unstuck-one-of-the-1-reasons-why-you-might-be-stuck

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How to Get Unstuck- One of the #1 Reasons Why You Might Be Stuck

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I decided to just wake up and word vomit, so excuse the morning voice. I felt inspired because I was speaking with close friends and family over the weekend and one of the conversations came up around feeling stuck. There were a variety of reasons for this feeling and I know that we have all been there before. What frustrated me was the fact that, in almost all instances, it was because there was a fear around owning our own situations and environments and not doing this ONE thing that I think is the reason why we continue to stay stuck.

Stop waiting for people in your life to choose you or choose for you.
— Yashica

So as you listen to this downloadable audio, think about how you feel NOW if you happen to be in a situation where you feel stuck and how it could feel, in a short amount of time, if you choose a different course of action.

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Weekly Horoscope for May 13-19, 2019

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You will start off your week with some powerful energy available to you because your intuition and your rational mind will be in a mash up that works very well together. You will be able to wade thru all the bullshit you have had to take in recently and think more practically plus your intuition will be running at full capacity and be easy to tap into.

Make sure you keep the notebook from last week handy!

There is an easier and more social atmosphere in the air. This could make you feel a little lazy so it’s best to keep your to-do list to the bare basics so that you stay focused on what you NEED to do but not to stress about anything else so that you have time to chill. These feelings of wanting to back down a bit could feel stronger for you if you have been in serious mode…. maybe you need a break.

In a good way, I think you are really trying to see the good in things you are going thru and bury the serious or heavy burdens or responsibilities that you have been feeling lately. This is not a bad thing because I see you feeling stronger in the fact that you are able to start working thru what you have been uncovering the past few weeks but don’t want to be immersed in it in an all consuming way. You are still having this underlying conscious break to leave the past behind and keep moving forward.

You are still feeling this overwhelming need to understand the deeper subconscious layers to your situations while also being able to process the conscious things running around in your head. While you are doing this, be kind with yourself (and others) because this is a process of critical thinking and picking things apart to understand them more, but you could overthink things and overanalyze stuff so much that it could make you more prone to criticizing yourself and others instead of trying to stay neutral and grounded. Just try to understand what is going on from that space. If you approach this opportunity from being neutral and grounded, you will be more able to embrace new parts of yourself in a practical and systematic manner without having to drastically change your life. It’s a long game!

Venus will move into Taurus this week. That’s a more comfortable space for her and right off the bat, she is setting you up for some of the positive manifestations from the new moon. You may get a pleasant surprise regarding something you’ve been able to see in your imagination. It is a very positive energy. You can get lost in your passions (responsibly). For this energy, what you would need to watch out for are tensions in relationships where the truth needs to come out. You will also need to pay attention to your internal balance and harmony and work on restoration in that area. On the flip side, if you are playing it too safe, there will be something that may come in and cause a needed shakeup. It depends on where this is hitting your chart.

You will notice pockets of good times for connections, especially around Thursday. Connecting with others could be beneficial not only to you, but also to the people that you may decide to connect to. It is a good time to put yourself out there. Tapping into this energy allows you to speak more freely from your heart without feeling embarrassed, held back, or censoring and second guessing yourself. Think about what area of your life could benefit from this and make sure you put it to use, because there are certainly ways that this energy could be prohibitive.

You could notice incongruence between your mind and body or your mind and soul so this is another thing you may be working thru, but guess what… you will be able to see the things you need to see. You will be bold. You will be a leader.

Speaking of supportive connections… there is an ability to negotiate with others or work from the heart and pour yourself into something that can produce lasting results. Capitalize on Thursday during the day, because the cosmos then take a dramatic shift in the evening and will leave you wanting to be alone and some moodiness may set in as the Moon gets settled into Scorpio.

Closer to the weekend, you have this tug of war where your mind is slow, steady, and centered and focused on maybe family, home, or grounding… or you could be internally changing the way you think in some way. This is going to allow for some deeper connection and understanding but it could make you feel a little stuck again. Patience Buttercup!

The shift into the weekend brings some emotionally sensitive and divinely inspired energy. Carry your notebook around. You have powerful access to your mind and deep understanding. Negatively, you could also be prone to emotional clinginess, jealousy, obsession, and manipulating people or situations to feed your ego.

Where you can take action is by not sharing your feelings with others if it is not the right relationship or time to do so, but working on these things on the inside. Until you process things internally, it is not right to involve other people. This is mainly something that impacts you and trying to share this can cause stress and even cause unexpected outbursts or actions. However, if something needs to be said, let it be said!

If you are in a space to have fun, that is ok if you can keep your boundaries, but don’t expect anything to materialize into a deep connection.

There is a Full Moon in Scorpio so make sure you come back to the blog in a little bit for more information on this.

The bottom like is, chill…. relax…. don’t push…. rest!

Some of the tension can bleed thru to the close of the week, Sunday, so again take care. You also have to make sure to be very flexible because unexpected things could arise that you will need to be prepared for. As things continue to unfold, you are just struggling to expand and find your truth and worth and value and look inside yourself….. the answer is not in others. Although you have support in this to heal yourself, it can, again, be disruptive in power struggles and other intimate relationships.

Here is a video overview with a bonus tarot reading in case you want more:

I hope you use this message for your highest and best good!

Until Next Time,



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How to Heal Your Life Part 2: Learn What's Blocking Your Relationships

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This Part 2 of a 3 part series where I will be speaking with you about how to heal your life and the 6 key areas to work on to heal and live the life of your dreams.

In this video, I wanted to go deep with you and do some teaching. One area that I help clients with that is a big stressor for them is relationships. I want to teach you some common things that may be getting in the way of you having a fulfilling relationship. I have a video for you but I also have an MP3 for those of you that would rather download the audio lesson and listen to it later. I also have a FREE mini e-book that you can download if you are short on time and are unable to take notes.

To take charge of your life and start to transform the things that leave you confused, scared, paralyzed by fear, and depressed because you don’t believe in yourself is not out of your reach. You can gain priceless information and tools that you can use for the rest of your life to Kickstart you on your path to the life that you want!

Here is an MP3 that you can download and listen to if you prefer that

“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.”– Bob Proctor

Stay tuned for Video # 3

in Video #3, We will be discussing the solution! The exciting part. The true opportunity to be able to change your life FOREVER!



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3 Simple Tips to Help you Make Better Decisions

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In this video, I am re-caping an IG Live I just did where I spoke about making better decisions. There are 3 actionable steps you can use to help you make decisions more effectively. I also did an earlier blog post here in case you want more info.

I mentioned journal prompts in the video and I have a link where you can download a totally free workbook to use as your journal. I have broken it all down and included all the questions I mentioned during the journaling portion of the video. This journal prompt worksheet will make it easier for you to get started.

Also, to make sure you receive this powerful and transformational series that I mentioned in the video, make sure to sign up for your free Healing book

How to Heal Your Life Part 1: The 6 Areas You Must Focus on to Live a Better Life (Part 1)

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This Part 1 of a 3 part series where I will be speaking with you about how to heal your life and the 6 key areas to work on to heal and live the life of your dreams.

Have you ever wondered if there was a blueprint to happiness? Wishing that someone could lay out the exact recipe to really live the life of your dreams?

I used to think that true happiness wasn't possible and that it was some made up woo-woo stuff until I went thru a series of events that caused me to have to rebuild my whole life.

I went thru 6 key areas of my life and reworked them. Now I live the life of my dreams. That was many years ago.

I, now, have worked with thousands of women and men that were stuck at a place in life where I used to be. They were anxious, depressed, lonely, confused, and felt like their life was blocked and that they lacked direction. They were so overwhelmed, they didn't know where to start.

I started to notice a pattern in my clients (and from my own journey). A major lightbulb went off! There were 6 key areas that came up time and time again that I noticed improved my clients whole life as I helped them work thru these 6 areas. With coaching and spiritual teaching, their life got back on track and was better than it had ever been.

They were happy, they left crappy relationships and eventually found more fulfilling ones, they excelled in their careers, they didn't have to be fake anymore, they even went on to make more money as a happy side effect of the time we spent together.

Now I want to share the blueprint with you. If you are really ready to stop sitting on the sidelines and finally live the life you want, I have the first step for you.

I have laid out the 6 things you will need to work on to heal yourself and go on to live a more fulfilling life.

Why not take the next step, download the e-book, and see what you think? You have nothing to lose!

"A year from now you will wish you had started today."- Karen Lamb

Stay tuned for Video # 2

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